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Texans deserve better than politicians who campaign as conservatives at home, but legislate like liberals in Austin. They deserve to know the true record of their elected officials!

Dan Branch's record as a State Legislator

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Four noteworthy examples from the Fiscal Responsibility Index of Dan Branch’s failing record from the 83rd Legislative Session:

Dan Branch

  • Voted to increase legislators' pensions

    (SB1 House-Senate conference report, RV1336)

  • Funded corporate welfare programs

    (SB1, Amendment 27, RV158)

  • Enabled political intimidation of conservatives

    (SB346, RV811)

  • Hit small businesses with new regulations

    (HB1717, Amendment 1, RV258)(HB 1717, RV262)(HB 502, RV276)

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A recent expose by the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express News has noted how Dan Branch was a reliably moderate legislator who is now trying to re-brand himself as a conservative in the race for Attorney General.

One of moderate House Speaker Joe Straus’ closest allies, Branch was appointed chairman of the House Higher Education Committee. Yet despite the position, Branch has refused to hold hearings into allegations of financial malfeasance at the University of Texas or conduct any investigations into allegations that legislators used their influence to get their unqualified kids coveted seats in state universities.

Dan Branch refuses to investigate corruption in Higher Ed and won’t lift a finger to uncover clout abuse… but we’re supposed to believe he’ll stand up against the Obama Administration’s EPA and DOJ? Not likely.

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